About us

VerIFi is a family owned and operated niche business, serving the facilities management market sector with surveillance and security data compliance & management information systems and services.


At the outset we built our reputation providing CCTV data protection product and services. However as the range of security systems that process personal data has grown so the scope of our activities have expanded to encompass these.


Rather than contribute to the mass of stand alone apps that abound within the security industry without thought to Data Protection we are dedicated to deliver an ‘end to end’ data compliant management information system.


Our EIDOS Activity Log replaces the traditional Daily Occurrence Log this acts as the hub for the range of bolt on modules described on this site.

The Activity Log is the low cost starter course of a very extensive menu that can gradually be added to as needed as the security team becomes comfortable with the transition from paper based systems.


Our financial independence allows us to maximise reinvestment within the business taking the long term view in developing innovative products and services without having to provide justification to outside investors. Not to have someone constantly worrying “ are we nearly there yet” has been particularly beneficial during 5 years it has taken to bring our EIDOS software service to market. The more prospective clients we speak to the more ideas bubble to the surface, and are added to the EIDOS road map without thought to an outsiders hunger for short term return on investment.


We recognise that our clients operate in a dynamic market place with properties changing hands from one landlord to another so we don’t attempt to lock you into long term contracts and just ask that you comply with our simple framework agreement that you will find in Useful Information.

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