Case Studies

Apart from our core Data Compliance Auditing business the range of services we have added to our portfolio over the years have evolved through developing solutions to clients needs.  More often than not we absorb development costs on the basis that if it fits for one client we will benefit by making it available to our wider customer base. In the case of clients unique requirements we will be pleased to quote for the development of bespoke software.

CCTV Evidence Editing

The Prison Service was being challenged by inmates via their solicitor regarding alleged ‘undue force’ used to resolve a situation where a prison officer was held hostage. Access to CCTV footage was requested by the solicitors and it was decided that the identities of the prison officers should be redacted from the footage. Due to the sensitive nature of the footage it was transported to the VeriFi office by a prison officer who remained present while the editing work was undertaken.

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Persons of Interest

During the annual Data Compliance Audit of a major shopping centre by VeriFi it was found that the method of circulating images of Persons of Interest within the security team and tenants was poorly controlled leaving both the Data Controller (Managing Agent or Landlord) and Data Processor (Security Guarding Service Provider) exposed to a serious Data Breach prosecution. VeriFi was able to provide a hard copy supplement to its standard data management pack to bring compliance to this issue.

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Sharing CCTV & Access Control Data

A Senior Facilities Manager responsible for a major multi tenanted office building in Central London was frequently asked by building occupiers for Access Control data and CCTV footage to assist in clarifying staff time and attendance and security issues. Erring on the side of caution he always refused to comply on the grounds of breaching data protection regulations.

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