CCTV Evidence Editing

The Prison Service was being challenged by inmates via their solicitor regarding alleged ‘undue force’ used to resolve a situation where a prison officer was held hostage. Access to CCTV footage was requested by the solicitors and it was decided that the identities of the prison officers should be redacted from the footage. Due to the sensitive nature of the footage it was transported to the VeriFi office by a prison officer who remained present while the editing work was undertaken.

Evidence presented in an easily assimilated logical format is likely to achieve a successful result, whereas raw video footage that relies on poorly assembled clips is likely to confuse those called upon to make an interpretation and judgment.

In this particular case the prison authorities felt that as security of the footage could not be guaranteed it was possible that recognisable images of the prison officers could have fallen into the wrong hands resulting in reprisals by the terrorist cult that the prisoners were affiliated to.

VeriFi provide a professional Evidence Presentation Editing Service. If you are involved in an important case that relies upon video evidence we will be pleased to discuss your requirement and provide costs for the production of a clear cut presentation that could if required include narrative sub-titles backed up by the original working and archive copies.

In this case the client required that the evidence was accompanied at all times by their own staff member. However our normal method of operation is that evidence is managed in encrypted form via a secure file hosting service.

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