Sharing CCTV & Access Control Data

A Senior Facilities Manager responsible for a major multi tenanted office building in Central London was frequently asked by building occupiers for Access Control data and CCTV footage to assist in clarifying staff time and attendance and security issues. Erring on the side of caution he always refused to comply on the grounds of breaching data protection regulations.

However this refusal frequently resulted in confrontation with tenants who argued that their service charge included security services and were not convinced by the data protection argument.

VeriFi were asked for advice and developed a Data Sharing Agreement which has since been incorporated as a generic document available to clients subscribing to  the VeriFi Annual Data Compliance Audit service.

During the development of this service VeriFi carried out extensive research and found that it is frequently left to the individual Building Manager to make the decision to release or refuse largely based on the occupiers powers of persuasion and the size of their contribution to the service charge.

However it is far better to have a common Data Sharing Policy applied throughout the property portfolio based on a rational interpretation of Data Protection Law.

The resultant VerIFi Data Sharing Agreement has been developed in consultation with a Solicitor specialising in Data Protection Law.

For a Disclosing Data Controller to enter into Data Sharing Agreement with a Receiving Data Controller it must first be established that the Disclosing Data Controller wishes share the requested data, and that both parties are registered as Data Controllers with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Register of Data Controllers.

The VeriFi Data Sharing Agreement is now available as a no cost option throughout the portfolio of well over 500 UK sites subscribing to the VeriFi Annual Data Compliance Support Service.

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