Asset Tracking

EIDOS Asset & Key management software is the paperless solution to tracking and managing assets saving time and money.Items registered in the EIDOS Inventory such as; Keys, Radios, PPE etc. that require tracking are fitted with NFC tags. Using either a tablet & App. or desktop NFC reader items can be booked out to a recipient logging their name, contact details and expected return date and time.The system can be configured to alert the recipient when the item is due for return by SMS Text Message or Email. Items not returned are flagged as "Overdue" prompting the Operator to resolve the issue.


  • Instantly know who’s in possession of assets
  • Know when assets are due to be returned
  • Optional automatic SMS notifications
  • Real Time Reporting

What you’ve got

EIDOS can be set up to include your entire inventory, everything from keys to laptop computers to fire extinguishers and tenants bikes.

Where its kept

The location of assets is recorded and a check can be incorporated into EIDOS guard patrol

Who had it last

Single or multiple assets with EIDOS NFC tags are attributed to the receiving individuals name when booked out and back in using any computer device including smartphones.

What’s overdue for return

Text messages are automatically sent prompting the return of items when due. Overdue returns are flagged in the EIDOS activity log.

Lost and Found

Found items, keys in particular can be reunited with the site via an EIDOS operated facility that rewards finders.

Information fields

Inventory data can include; Make, Model, Manufacturers part number, Location, Commission and Expected Decommission Dates, Capital value, Insurance data, Photo image, Issue instructions and User notes.

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