Data Breach Risk Management

If your organisation is a Data Controller it is mandatory that you take the lead in managing Personal Data, VeriFi can relieve you of much of the management burden. Changes in Data Protection legislation have highlighted serious risks in Surveillance and Security data management. Failure to recognise and act on these issues could leave Data Controllers exposed to financial penalties and reputational damage.

Arguably CCTV has the most impact on peoples privacy, but there are a growing number of other innovations that process Personal Data which must be addressed. Access Control, Visitor Management, ANPR, Body Worn Cameras and distribution of Persons of Interest images are just a few examples.

Data compliance must be built in rather than applied as a sticking plaster to the multitude of apps. and spreadsheets that abound in security management, often without the knowledge or approval of the Data Controller or Managing Agent.

With a background in surveillance and security data protection since 1998 VeriFi have developed EIDOS the fully integrated management information system tailored to the needs of Security and Facilities Managers.

VeriFi+EIDOS will assist in achieving data compliance and give Data Controllers ownership and instant visibility of Security and FM management records. Security Service Providers may come and go, but the Data Controllers responsibility remains constant.

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