Data Compliance Support Service

Data Compliance Support Service

The Data Compliance Support Service described here may be provided as a stand alone service or in addition to the EIDOS Management Information System.


All organisations that process Personal Data are required to have a Privacy Policy, this can be supplemented by the VeriFi online Surveillance & Security Data Management Process Guidance which provides practical guidance and is the benchmark for Annual Audit and Privacy Impact Assessment.


The audit scores any non compliance as a KPI%, and brought to the attention of the FM for remedial action. As non-compliance issues are registered as resolved by the FM so the KPI will auto reset. In the event that the KPI remains at less than 100% for more than 14 days an automatic email prompt is sent to the nominated Data Manager and repeated every 30 days until the KPI score is reset to 100%.


A fully comprehensive suite of process documentation in hard copy or EIDOS software format together with controlled recording media is supplied throughout the term of the contract.


Initial training is provided at the time of the annual audit, additional telephone support is available via the Helpdesk throughout the term of the contract.

Multiple Site Overview

The Data Controller and other nominated stakeholders may have visibility of all site records showing current KPI scores.

Help Desk

A help desk facility is provided during normal working hours to assist with any data compliance issues. For the purpose of creating an audit trail and archive any request and our subsequent response should be by email.

Data Sharing

A generic data sharing agreement is made available on request to enable data to be shared between the Controller and building occupier.

Public Information

Information about the purpose of surveillance is made available via the VeriFi Public Information website which will include a link to the Controllers Privacy Statement.

CCTV Status

An online CCTV status check is made available for Sub Processors to carry out routine checks of system performance, faults are automatically reported to the FM or Building Manager.

Subject Access Requests

Management of subject access requests is provided inclusive of supply of Subject Access Request forms and editing (redaction) of unconnected third party images.

The service is provided on an annual contract and delivered by our in house team of specialists and includes the following:

  • Site visit by in house assessor
  • Production of Site Specific Policy Document
  • Audit of management processes
  • Assessment of system efficacy
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Summary of Non Compliance with KPI score
  • Supply of Management Documentation
  • Online CCTV Status Check
  • Ongoing supply of consumables including recording media
  • Audit of management procedures
  • Assessment of system performance
  • Availability of Public Information
  • Management of Subject Requests including redaction editing
  • Data Sharing Management
  • Help Desk support service

Our charges are based on the size of system represented by the number of CCTV cameras deployed as shown below and applicable throughout the UK inclusive of all other Surveillance and Security Data Systems such as Access Control, ANPR and Body Worn Cameras etc.

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