Remote CCTV Management & System Monitoring

Remote CCTV Management & System Monitoring

Typically Retail and Business Parks do not have a security guarding presence and the only time CCTV is called upon is to provide evidence after an incident has taken place. This frequently involves un-budgeted engineer attendance to download evidence which may not be compliant with Data Protection legislation and the whole process can be hugely demanding of the Facilities Managers time.

System faults that go unnoticed until after an incident has occurred can prove to be hugely embarrassing to the managing agent when the tenant asks why the security element of the service charge has been invested in a system that failed to deliver.

Another contentious issue is when a tenant requesting access to CCTV footage is refused on grounds of GDPR/Data Protection Act compliance, however provided a simple Data Sharing Agreement is put in place there is no reason to refuse a reasonable request.

The Solution

VeriFi provides a Data Protection Legislation compliant, online management service for unmanned sites.

  • Routine system status checking
  • Fault reports automatically emailed to you and your Help Desk
  • Incident analysis
  • Specialist point of contact for Police, Insurers, HMRC etc
  • Secure evidence¬† download & disclosure management
  • Subject Right of Access case management
  • Data Sharing agreements with tenants implemented if required

The Benefits

  • Frees up FM time spent dealing with CCTV issues
  • Eliminates routine system maintenance costs
  • Eliminates costly engineer attendance to download evidence
  • Reduces system downtime
  • Delivers expert, timely resolution to CCTV issues
  • Demonstrates a professional approach to site security
  • Ensures Data Protection Legislation (GDPR DPA) compliance

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